About Us

We believe that coffee should always be dark.  If you want to taste berries and grass, you can have your blonde and medium roasts elsewhere.  We don't make any of that kid's juice.  We roast coffee for men and women that want to wake up and get going.  Strong, Bold, Dark and Inviting.

Naughty Java sources high-quality coffee beans that are then dark roasted on demand.  Once you place your order we roast your coffee within 24 hours.  We don't store coffee on a shelf like those mass produced corporate companies.  We micro-roast every single batch by hand and ear in an old fashion 1939 Burns Jubilee Roaster.  With 42-year veteran Roasters at the helm cupping and adjusting every batch for the best tasting dark roast coffee in the pacific northwest.

To top it all off the beans we source come from coffee farms that practice sustainability.  We also foster direct trade purchasing so that the farmers are paid directly with no middle man cutting into the costs or income of the farmers.  Every dollar you spend pays for American jobs here in Albany, Oregon to roast, pack, and ship - along with paying for the hard work coffee farms do too.