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Direct Trade Nicaragua

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Direct Trade Nicaragua is a prized coffee here at Naughty Java.  A single estate sourced coffee; Finca Las Camelias produced using natural shade and mineral-rich volcanic soil in the famously cloudy hills just outside the city of Jinotega.  The Finca Las Camelias coffee is handpicked, washed, sun dried and cups well with good acidity, a medium body and citrusy lemon notes.  Specialty purveyors in Europe have for years been the primary buyers of Nicaraguan coffee, and so we’re always pleased to be able to acquire some for our roasters here. As a whole, Jinotega produces the lion’s share (about 65%) of Nicaragua’s coffee. The area’s tall mountains and oak and pine tree forests create excellent micro-climate growing conditions for arabica. In effect, the majority of Nicaragua’s coffee is shade grown using old-world, sustainable methods that take advantage of these native trees that blanket much of its landscape and farming regions.